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Frequently Asked Questions

Joe Adam
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Please consider them for selling your home.

Chris and his team are great people! They helped guide me in so many ways in the real estate world. Please consider them for selling your home.

Where do we close?

All our closings are done through a title company. You can close at the title company, our office or in the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to pay closing costs?

Nope. Unlike a traditional transaction, we cover all the normal closing costs so you can put more money in your pocket.

What if I am in foreclosure?

No problem. If we close prior to the home being foreclosed on, your loan will be paid off at closing and you can avoid a foreclosure on your credit report.

What if I need the money to move?

In some cases, we can allow you to close and receive your money prior to moving out. Furthermore, we can allow some time to move after closing.

What If I need more time to close?

That’s fine, you can pick the closing date of your choice.

Do you charge fees or commissions?

Unlike other companies or realtors, we charge zero fees to buy your home, which means more money in your pocket.

What If I owe taxes or liens?

No problem. Any liens or owed taxes are paid off at closing.

What if I have a mortgage?

Mortgage? No problem, the mortgage balance is paid off at closing.

Do I need to make repairs?

Nope. You can leave all the repairs to us since we buy your property in AS-IS condition.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on the closing date, after all parties have signed and funded.

How quick can we close?

We can close in 14 days or less. We can also close on a date of your choice.